Building a 3d printed fix-wing drone (2)

Following some issues with the motor size that did not fit the original holes, I decided to reprint the plane in scale 1.06, so the motor fits. Also I tried to print a couple of part in 1:1.3 scale, but that would require print time of 6-8h for each part, so I kept with scale 1.06. Also I modified some fuselage parts to make the outside skin 3 layer sick, means 0.35mm (noze) * 3= 1.05mm sickenss, problem is that this will increase the weight of the plane by approx. 30%

At the back, 1:1 print, in first raw the new planes in 1:1.06 scale, big issues with ABS that regularly cracks, HIPS is much better, so I will continue with HIPS and paint the parts with Acryl paint.

nomade 1.06


Also testing printing at the limit ends often in a missed print, mainly cracking parts, following picture just shows a part of the missed prints.

missed prints