MPLAB-X version 02-2014


picstar 11 lr2

Documentation française:

F1 Détails de la carte  picstar_descriptif_1.1b.pdf

F2 Schéma fonctionel:  block_diag.jpg 12/02/2014, 23:40

F3 Schéma détaillé: picstar_schema_det1.1.pdf  48.25 KB

F4 Montage des composants:  PICSTAR_DOC_1.2_montage.pdf 983.82 Kb 16/11/2012

F5 Montage des options:  174.47 Kb  picstar_pcb_options1.1.pdf

F6 MCC18 Cours français: Ecole Nationale Superieure des Mines, St. Etienne

English Documentation:

          E1 Soldering instructions:  picstar_soldering_1.1.pdf  1008.52 KB

          E2 Microdigitaled MPLAB Installation and Tutorial english.

          E3 presentation intallation C18/MPLAB May 2nd 2010 My 1st PICSTAR Program.pdf

          E4 presentation MPLAB add-ones MPLAB tips.pdf


          T1 HID bootloader PC client for XP+VISTA      HID -

               Inline HID bootloader for MAC-10.9.2 or later, click  mphidflash version 1.4b

               !!!! ATTENTION, la version 1.3 et 1.4 détruisent le bootloader côté PICSTAR !!!!

          T2  HID bootloader PICSTAR repair file, requires PICKIT2 to install

                     HB= RB3 CPU=48MHz, XT=4Mhz, SW=RB7, BOR=OFF, Motor=off, PWM fixed        

                                                                                              HID Bootloader PIC18F4550  09/12/2013

               this file is required in case the bootloader is corrupted/leds do bot blink anymore.

               this last version also resolves the problem of CCP2 on RB3 that did not work on some


          T3 MPLABX IDE (development environment)     

          T4 MCC18 C compiler for PIC 18f series    

               you will need to register to download the C18 Compiler,

               Choose the academic or evaluation version, the 60day limit will not handicap

               much your projects ie learning creating C code. Only the optimizer function will be

               reduced.             !!!! Il faut utiliser la version standard evaluation !!!!!!

Programming examples

The following examples have been compiled with MPLAB and C18. They may need some slight changes to run with Compiler XC on MPLAB-X. Importing them with MPLAB-X and the latest version of C18 should not be an issue.

      Simple examples

          X1 New code template and Picstar generic libraries (includes pic ini, def + lkr file):

             picstar_library 13/02/2014, 01:19

          X2 My First Project all MPLAB files included 13/02/2014, 01:18 

               Setup my first project tutorial update   My 1st PICSTAR Program v1-2012.pdf

          X3 Simple Push Button routine (counts nr of pushes):

          X4 Simple PFM driver for Motor control (not interrupt driven):

          X5 Simple PPM driver for Servo control (not interrupt driven):

          X6 Simple Sound driver (Buzzer) sirene, bip, beep(freq,duration_ms):

          X7 Simple Routine to test Motor with encode: work in progress

          X8 Simple RC5 decoder can be used with Microdules

          X9 Simple ADC example, reading RA0, display on PORTD

          X10 Simple printout on HW UART IO using the Microchip library


      Interrupt Based Examples

          I1 Interrupt based PFM for Motor Control


      Driver for external modules

          D1 RC5 IR remote control decoder: planned

          D2 Interrupt driven routines for Motor, Servo, RC5 IR:

          D3 LCD 2x16 driver test (uses XLCD from Microchip)

                                                  Example cours picstar:  8.39 Kb  example

          D4 I2C Scanner with 2x16 character display on PortD

          D5 I2C Scanner with Microdule Hex + LED board on PortD+PORTC

          D6 Demo +Driver for CMPS03 compass (i2c):   

          D7 Demo + Driver for SRF08 Ultrasonic sensor (i2c):

          D8 IR proximity sensor (for didel LIT301 sensor type):

               Version 2 of IR sensor core, mesures ambiant light+ir reflection 

          D9 LCD Nokia 3310/3410 module:

          D10 LCD Siemens S65 Color display

          D11 Hope RF12B communication with USB-Dongle "has been removed, need rework"

          D12 MAXIM 1731 temp. Sensor using I2C Hardware

          D13 MAXIM DS1731 temp sensor using I2C Software and Nokia 3310 display


          D14 Philipps BGB203 Bluetooth interface 1.82 Mb 05/12/2013

          D15 1 Wire DS18B20 driver and example  DS18B20_lcd_example 13/07/2015





          S1  Robot using interrupt, pfm and ir-sensor routine

                Robot Block schematic  PICSTAR_Z-ROBOT.pdf  also on youtube, check for zcontrol1


    USB related

          U1 CDC serial emulator template for PICSTAR: MPLABX



          R1  microchip C18 getting started pdf

          R2   microchip mplab quick start guide pdf

          R3   microchip 18f4550 datasheet

          R4   microchip C18 compiler library

          R5   ANSI C Reference Card


          B1 Simple LED blinking example


          C1 Simple LED blinking example

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